Why are toddlers the best?

Today I was about to google something related to toddlers when I accidentally hit the search button before I finished what I was typing. I ended up searching for “toddlers are,” and I was a bit surprised by what I saw.

The top result was, “Toddlers Are A**holes, It’s Not Your Fault.” I had never heard of this book, so my jaw dropped a bit. If the title was meant to shock someone – well, it worked on me!

Full disclosure, I obviously have not read the book, so I have no idea what it is about – no judgment here. It just made me remember that we all struggle with our toddlers – we are all in a similar boat.

If you are a struggling parent with a toddler, I hope that I can help you out in this moment by reminding you about the good things that come with having a toddler.

Or if you are scared of eventually having a toddler, hopefully, this can help you too.

Toddlers have a pretty bad rap. They are known for their terrible twos and for being moody “threenagers.”

Yes, they are challenging, unpredictable, and sometimes cranky – but they can sure be the most precious human beings when they feel like it.

Those are the moments I like to refer back to when I have a little monster on my hands.

I know this article will not solve your behavior problems or make your life easier, sorry. I just want to emphasize all the good that comes with the toddler parenting struggles.

Frustrated parents, here are 50 reasons why toddlers are the best. They may not be the best at all times, but when those moments happen, it is incredible.

Toddlers have sincere attitudes


Toddlers can have the most amazing positive attitudes when it comes to life. Everything is a huge surprise and so new, their lives are filled with wonder.

Seeing a plane flying in the sky can make their day, you can make them happy by doing so little. Just give them attention and see where that takes you.

1. Toddlers are innocent

A toddler’s innocence is so pure, it’s like they live off of instinct and are honest about how they feel with no filters. They are not aware of things yet and could not lie even if you asked them.

2. Toddlers are caring 

While they may be innocent, they are aware of someone in pain and when someone is in distress. You will find them always asking, what happened, or are you okay?

3. Toddlers are sweethearts

Out of nowhere, your little toddler will give you kisses or hugs or say I love you. Just because. It is heart-melting.

4. Toddlers are full of spirit

A toddler has the energy and enthusiasm equivalent to the most dedicated cheerleader. If you do something good or even okay, they will cheer you on.

5. Toddlers are loving

Toddlers really know how to love. Nothing holds them back from expressing that love either. If they adore you (which you know they do), you will feel it.

6. Toddlers see the best in you

A toddler sees their parents and those around them in the highest regard. You are their heroes.

7. Toddlers are impressed by you

Toddlers think so much of you – throwing the ball across the yard can be the coolest thing they see all day, and when they are impressed, they will do something like a silly dance.

8. Their laugh makes you laugh

Toddlers have the best, most contagious giggles. Their laughter will easily make you crack up too.

9.  Toddlers make you forget your worries

If you have a rough day at work – your toddler will make you forget about it in seconds after arriving home.

10. Toddlers are passionate

When toddlers feel, they feel strongly, even if it is about how they feel about putting on their socks. Their passion is embedded in them.

Toddlers are mini brainiacs


At this age, you just can’t speak in front of a toddler the way you can a baby. It may not look like they are processing what you are saying, but really they are soaking everything up!

According to Zero to Three – Brain Development children from “birth to three—(are) producing more than a million neural connections each second.”

Do not underestimate your little one!

11. Toddlers want to learn so bad

Their enthusiasm for learning is incredible, it makes you want to learn more so that you can teach them more.

12. Toddlers are intelligent

They are naturally bright and can pick up on so many things.

13. Toddlers are fast learners

Not only do they learn a lot, but they learn fast. How quickly did your little one learn to use your smartphone versus say your parents?

14. Toddlers are curious

Their curiosity leads them to do the silliest things, like to discover how spaghetti feels between their fingers and on their heads.

15. Toddlers teach you new things

Toddlers teach you mostly stuff you did not know about yourself like how you can function without sleep – but you can learn things from the books you read to them too. 

16. Toddlers love to explore

Going to one room and staying in that room is not enough. Your toddler must see what is over there, and then, they have to see what is over there too.

17. Toddlers make you think “why”

Yes, you can get sucked in the never-ending “why” vortex! But sometimes getting asked why makes you remember you absolutely do not know everything. Toddlers are humbling.

18. Toddlers question everything

Toddlers never do anything you ask without reason, and they already know the concept, “what’s in it for me.”

19. Toddlers understand everything you say now

You just get used to having a little baby around that has no idea what you are saying. One day that baby suddenly understands what you are saying, and then you realize that you can communicate with each other using words! Finally!

20. Toddlers are cute when they say big words

Toddlers love repeating everything you say, some of my favorite moments were when my daughter said “I object,” “independent,” “popsicle,” and “fructose corn syrup.”

Toddlers are great helpers


They want to help, and they want to be involved in everything.

Having a toddler is like having a sidekick; all you have to do is teach them what to do.

21. Toddlers help you with laundry

They will help you carry your clothes to the washer, move them to the dryer and even help you fold them (after they play in the warm clothes).

22. Toddlers throw things in the trash

You can ask them to throw stuff away for you now, yup, it’s pretty cool.

23. Toddlers get you things that are too far

You can also ask them to get you stuff, like the remote that is across the room after a long day at work.

24. Toddlers help with pets

Do you have an energetic dog? Toddlers are active too, so they make excellent playmates.

25. Toddlers help with the new baby

If you have a baby on the way, your little toddler will give you a hand with everything and will even sing to the baby.

26. Toddlers remind you about things

Did you forget something? You have a little one who remembers everything, even if it is embarrassing.

27. Toddlers assist with yard work

They love going outside and can help you clean up the yard (or at least hang out with you while you do it).

28. Toddlers love helping in the kitchen

They love doing dishes, or at least attempting to help. It is mostly just playing with water, but their intentions are there.

29. Toddlers pick stuff up

Have your toddler pick up his toys! He can do it; just make it a game.

30. You have an extra little set of hands

You have this tiny set of hands that are capable of helping you in so many ways, all you have to do is ask.

Toddlers are a blast


Toddlers bring the fun with them wherever they go. They sing, dance, play, and get very silly at times.

31. Toddlers have fun anywhere they go

Regardless of where you go, a toddler knows how to make it fun and how to make you laugh anywhere.

32. Toddlers remind you of what childhood is about

It’s about discovering things with an untainted mind and seeing things for the wonders that they are. It makes you want to be a kid again,

33. Toddlers enjoy the little things

Why play with that super expensive toy you bought her? When she can play with the box, it came in – or roll in the tissue paper from all her birthday gifts?

34. Toddlers open your eyes to things you have not seen in a long time

Like an airplane flying in the sky, it really is miraculous – if you think about it and see it through your toddlers’ eyes. Our everyday lives and stresses get in the way of all the wonders of the world.

35. Toddlers do not get embarrassed

Shy, yes, but embarrassed? No, toddlers do what they want, no shame.

36. Toddlers think farting is funny

Nothing is more entertaining to a toddler than hearing someone rip one! They must announce that someone farted and then laugh hysterically.

37. Toddlers teach you every Disney song

If you are the parent of a toddler, then you must know every Frozen song out there – it is mandatory. Oh yeah, and you can’t sing the Elsa songs only she can. If you do sing the Elsa songs, you get in big trouble.

38. Toddlers bring back your imagination

You may be too tired to play, but you do anyway, and it brings out the imagination you forgot you even had.

39. Toddlers celebrate EVERYTHING

When I say everything, I am also talking about when you go to the restroom, finish your food, get home from work, and the list keeps growing. With all the celebrations going on in your house, your ego may inflate.

40. Having a toddler means you get to play with toys

Have I ever mentioned you get to play with their cool toys? No questions asked, unlike when you did not have kids and wanted to buy toys. You were just that creepy adult in the toy store. Now you have an excuse.

Toddlers are NOT:  babies, teenagers, or adults (thankfully)

This time in your child’s life is special. It is a time when she no longer 100% percent dependent on you. It is also a fun because you do not embarasss her for everything. Plus, she is not a huge ball of stress like an adult.

That is why the toddler stage in her life is so important.

41. Toddlers (kind of) sleep at night

They are not up at all hours of the night like newborns, so you get a tiny bit more sleep, yay!

42. Toddlers start communicating

They can tell you (and will tell you) exactly what they want when they want, no questions asked.

43. Toddlers have the sweetest voices

Their voices are high pitched and absolutely adorable. No puberty in sight.

44. Toddlers still need you

They have their moments of independence, but at the end of the day, you are their whole world, they still need you.

45. Toddlers want to be near you

Sometimes, you just need cuddles from your loved ones, and I have yet to meet a teenager who cuddles with their parents.

46. Toddlers are potty trained

No more diapers! I need not say more.

47. Toddlers think you are the most fantastic person

The admiration your baby has for you is invaluable, never take it for granted. Even though it is given unconditionally, keep earning it.

48. Toddlers do not constantly think negative

Little kids are not always thinking negatively about themselves; in fact, they think of themselves pretty highly!

49. Toddlers have no worries

Toddlers themselves have concerns, but they pale in comparison to adult worries – oh, you are afraid of the dark? Okay, here is a night light, boom problem solved.

50. Toddler problems are not scary

With teenagers, you have to deal with sex, peer pressure, school, and all sorts of stuff – toddlers you just have to deal with a picky eater…yeah I will stick with the toddler.

Final Thoughts

Toddlers are eager little people.

They are willing to learn, play, grow, and, most of all, they are anxious to be happy and make you happy.

They notice everything and are always looking to see your reaction – you mean the world to them. They are always looking to see if they can make you smile or laugh after doing something cute.

Okay, so toddlers cry when they do not get what they want, it’s because they are so passionate and in the moment what they want means the world to them. You can’t blame them for the way they feel.

But you can start teaching them and showing them what is acceptable, they will learn eventually.

To all you frustrated parents out there, I hope this reminded you of how amazing toddlers are.

Toddlers really are the best.

They are not terrible – they just have terrible moments.

So go enjoy your little one while you can and keep imagining what the world must look like through their eyes, it is much different than how you see it.

50 Reminders Why Your Toddler is the Best (Not Terrible)
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50 Reminders Why Your Toddler is the Best (Not Terrible)
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