We can control what we do with our bodies for our health

This week my city announced that our “Stay Home, Stay Safe” ordinance will continue for another month.

That means another month of businesses shut down and staying home again for many of us across the country.

It has been taxing for most as we try to ward off the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 as a society and get things back to normal. The effects of the virus will be long-lasting for a variety of reasons.

While we feel like we can’t control much except our own actions of social distancing, we can control what we put in and what we do with our bodies. Things that are good for our health.

Do something good for your body! I can help, and we can do it together with the health challenge I am proposing. 

Social distancing (for me) so far: Living in pajamas and eating everything within arms reach

Can you relate?

A serious lack of motivation to be healthy and eat well can be a struggle during times like these. Days when putting on work clothes is optional, and wearing warm-ups, and loose-fitting clothing is attractive since we have nowhere to go anyway.

Now is the time to treat your body better, and if you are struggling, hopefully this challenge will help you get your mind and your body back on track.

Let’s do it together!

For the past month, I attempted to eat well and be healthy, but it just was not working out.

Do you ever feel like you need an extra push?

I definitely need that extra push, which is why I, with the help of my teammates came up with a 31 Day “Love My Body” Health Challenge to help us all be on the same page and keep health on our minds.

Most of all, we are hoping it will give us the motivation we need to get through the next 31 days.

Five reasons why this is the perfect time for this health challenge

  1. You control your home environment – so you can get all the bad food out of your home and will not be tempted by sweets on someone’s desk
  2. No social obligations or pressure – all those birthday parties and luncheons are no longer happening so you will not feel awkward passing up on cake or refusing a dinner invite
  3. Extra time – the time you used to get ready and commute in the morning, instead of sleeping in, use that time to squeeze in your workout
  4. No judgment – you do not have to explain what you are doing or why you are not eating a certain food to anyone
  5. You can do all of this from home – every activity on the list you can do at home and you can keep in touch with your support team via a group text or chat

Let’s get social and team up for our health

If you read this post about The Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight in 2019: Via a Weight Loss Challenge with 7 Steps that Work, then you know I have a team who I turn to when I need motivation for all things health-related.

We push each other to eat well and to stay active.

Naturally, they will be joining me this month to do these activities. I suggest you do the same and find someone to do this with.

If you can’t find someone, you can always reach out to me via Facebook or Instagram, and I will be posting updates about the challenge on both platforms this month (April 2020 to May 2020) to hold myself and my husband accountable.

Share your journey with me too! IG: @notapowercouple_v or FB: @NotAPowerCouple

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Health challenge activities and some guidelines

Do the challenge activities listed below in addition to at least a 20-minute workout of your choice. I like to get on my elliptical, so I will be doing that and workouts I find on YouTube.

Do what you enjoy!

As you do the daily activities, try to keep each one going the entire month (and beyond).

For instance, day three is getting the amount of water your body requires. Moving forward, try to drink the recommended water your body needs every day. Same thing for day seven, it says get up every hour for five minutes, try to continue doing that, and even increase the activity time as you move forward.

Do the things you enjoy and try to enjoy the things you don’t!

Let these little tasks inspire you and motivate you to do more for your health.

Day 1: Create your activity goals and a plan for the week

Like a 20 minute work out Monday – Saturday and your goal can be to do it before the kids wake up

Day 2: Cut out processed foods

Try to eat fresh produce or those frozen veggies you have in your freezer (these are the times we live in right now)

Day 3: Drink your required water

Many of us do not drink the right amount of water so keep track and make sure you get in every ounce

Day 4: Drink a healthy smoothie

Fill your blender up with healthy stuff and drink

Day 5: Incorporate one veggie serving in every meal

Add in veggies like spinach, cucumbers, mushrooms, etc.

Day 6: Drink a green tea

Add turmeric or ginger for an extra boost

Day 7: Get up and move for 5 minutes every hour

Go for a walk, chase your kids, or put on a 5-minute song and dance

Day 8: Plan your meals for tomorrow

Get a basic list of the meals you want to make for tomorrow to take the guessing out of mealtime

Day 9: Add lemon to your water

Add in a splash of lemon into your water for some extra Vitamin-C

Day 10: Just say no to sugar

Cut it out if you can and look out for it hiding in your foods

Day 11: Do a family workout

Grab your family and workout together

Day 12: Meatless meals today

Fill up on fruits, legumes, and veggies

Day 13: Chew each bite 30 times

Literally count how many times you chew and take things slow

Day 14: No screens this evening 

Put your phones, and iPads away and turn off the television, enjoy each you family’s company

Day 15: Get 25 grams of soluble fiber a day

Eat those beans and lentils today

Day 16 : Add in three fruits a day

Incorporate some fresh fruits into your meals and snacks

Day 17: Run around outside with your kids or pets

Get outside and move

Day 18: Try to plan out your meals for the upcoming week

Get a basic list of the meals you want to make for the week by writing them down

Day 19: Start taking your supplements

If you have them, make them a part of your new healthy routine

Day 20: Only eat what is in your pantry

Do not eat out or get something to go, use what you already have

Day 21: Do a chore that gets you moving, like cleaning your closet

Do something good for your body and home

Day 22: Try kicking dairy off your diet for a week

Take a break from heavy dairy, especially if it does not sit well in your stomach

Day 23: Work on eliminating a bad habit

We all have bad habits lets break one this month

Day 24: Eat a “superfood” today

Like salmon, chia seeds or avocado

Day 25: Try a new workout

If you have been doing the same workout find something new to do today

Day 26: No caffeine today

Can you survive without a pick-me-up? I bet you can

Day 27: Get your full 8 hours of sleep

You can do it, go to bed early tonight

Day 28: Meditate for 10 minutes

Focus on your breathing and relax

Day 29: Stretch your entire body

Get a good stretch in, try to focus on every body part as you stretch

Day 30: Go for a walk

If you have the ability to leave your house go for a walk outside and get some fresh air

Day 31: 1-minute walk 1-minute run, for 20 minutes

Rotate walking and running, see if you can do this for 20 minutes

You can save this version as a reminder of what to do each day: 

Final thoughts

Alright, now that you know the daily activities and how to go about them, let’s get started!

Let’s keep our health and wellness on top of mind this month and work together to make it happen.

Let’s break out of the bad habits we developed during the first month of our quarantine and move forward to make the best out of the time we have at home.

It is easier to do it with someone along the way, so find your teammates! Be in contact with them and hold each other accountable.

The activities are not written in stone. If there is a daily task that you can’t do for any reason, substitute it for a healthy activity you can do or one that is more in alignment with your needs.

Getting off-track can happen too, if you do get off track, always know that you can get back any time. Do not give up!

Best of luck and I can’t wait to hear about your transformation over the next month.

31 Day “Love My Body” Health Challenge
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31 Day “Love My Body” Health Challenge
Get an extra push to become healthier while stuck at home with this 31 Day Health Challenge - take daily action in making your wellness a top priority.
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