We are a stay at home dad and working mom who were clueless about pregnancy and parenting. We learned a lot of lessons and now we want to share what we have learned to help make your parenting and marriage life a little easier.


Life is one huge struggle after another, we want to share with you how we get through our rough times, write about what you want to learn, and provide value to you.

We hope that you can come to our site and learn something that will make your parenting life easier.

Or if you are ready to live life a little healthier, then we hope we can motivate you to start today.

Our lives were turned upside down one fateful evening, it was the Monday after we spent the weekend traveling two states over to see one of our favorite death metal bands. That was our lifestyle, packing up and doing what we wanted, when we wanted.

Then we found out we were pregnant.

We were twelve years into our relationship and had always planned to not have children.

Life happens and now we are the happiest we have ever been with our daughter. Our happiness is coincided with struggles of parenting in today’s world.

We decided to start this blog because we realized we were in a unique situation. Jeremiah is currently a stay at home dad and I (Vanessa) am a working mom.

Okay, maybe it is not a super unique situation, but we could not find another blog that combined both. We also could not find much support for stay at home dads in general so we wanted to fill that gap.

The name, Not a Power Couple, comes from the fact that we are nowhere close to being perfect. When you see some blogs or social media pages everyone’s life seems perfect. The truth is, we are just an average couple that is trying to survive and we hope to find an audience that can relate.

We want people to visit our page knowing they will be reading posts from people going through the same things they are.

Stay tuned to learn more about parenting, health, and relationships. We are starting this journey not only for us, but for all the people who want something real.

-Jeremiah, Vanessa & Violet💜

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