This working mom got peed on this morning (baby’s diaper leaked)

I was a working mom determined to have a positive and powerful work week but…

It was Tuesday at about 4:30 am, my daughter was in her training diaper, and I was nursing her before it was time to go to work. It was early for both of us.

I was laying down while she nursed and eventually fell asleep. That is when I felt the warmness spread all over my leg. Luckily, my clothes soaked up the majority of the pee.

As I got up to clean my daughter, and myself I realized something.

It was testing my patience.

However, I was not mad, or annoyed, or thinking ‘why me.’ In fact, I thought well I am already up I might as well get started on my day and squeeze in some writing time before work.

That is because I am making a conscientious choice to be positive.

It is not something that comes natural, you have to work for it.

My husband has been pushing for both of us to be more positive, and it is finally starting to sink in.

I have been making small daily changes in my life to get to this point.

Work is my biggest struggle.

Let’s be real. Work is a breeding ground for stress.

You have conflicting personalities and adults bickering all day.

You are away from home and miss your baby or family.

Sometimes work just outright sucks. Or you do not like your job.

If you feel this way, working moms, get ready to have a powerful workweek. I will share a few tips to help bring positivity into your life, which will help change your mindset and make your week better.

You can stop complaining and start being grateful for what you have. These easy steps are enough to make an immediate change in your attitude and make your workweek at the very least a little more bearable.

#1 Set an affirmation for your powerful workweek

This is fun!

An affirmation is like an oath you make to yourself. You believe it – it is the truth, and so it becomes the truth.

Say it out loud and share it with the universe. Make it real.

My affirmation for today is, “I am productive and accomplish everything that I want.”

You can come up with a new one daily or use the same one for as long as you would like. If you are trying to have a powerful workweek, then feel free to use the same affirmation all week long.

Your affirmation can be something easy but powerful, here are some examples:

  • I am grateful for the job I have
  • I am kind and patient to those around me
  • I face the world with positivity
  • I am happy and healthy
  • I am successful in everything I do
  • I am prepared to face any challenge that may come my way

Use any of the phrases above or come up with your own. Keep it in the present tense, as in, “I am.” Not, “I will” or “I wish.”

Say it out loud when you need it and when you feel like it – to help keep your positivity going:

  • In the morning when you first wake up
  • While getting ready for work
  • On your drive to work
  • When you are at your desk
  • If you get annoyed
  • During your break or lunch
  • Anytime you want to complain
  • Anytime you accomplish something

Whenever you get the feeling to say it – just say it out loud and believe it. It will only do good.

Also, write it on a sticky note and post it where you can see it. Let that sticky note be your daily reminder. I have mine on my computer monitor. I gaze at it often and say it out loud when needed.


#2 Meditate on your drive to work

Does traffic put you in a bad mood before you even get to work?

It happens to most of us. People are rushing past you, people are driving too slow, traffic jams, etc.

It is time to take control of your drive.

One neat thing you can do is mindful meditation on the drive to work – there are videos to guide you (you listen to the audio).

It is when you do a meditation (with your eyes opened of course) while on the road and practice your breathing. It also helps you focus on the road and your surroundings.

It will force you to drive much more consciously.

Doing it will make your drive more peaceful, and by the time you get to work, your mood will be wonderful.

Remember drive safely and follow all the rules of the road. If it is too much for you, or you can’t concentrate with it on, just try to have pleasant thoughts during your drive, repeat your affirmation a few times and have patience.

Here is the meditation I listen to in the morning; I connect my phone before I start driving.

#3 Do only one thing right

Many of us spend so much time trying to be perfect. Trying to live a life where we do not make mistakes.

However, that is impossible, and when we do make mistakes, we beat ourselves up for it.

Do not strive to do absolutely everything in your life right.

This week at work, try to do at least one thing right. Just one little something to help make a difference.

When you do it right or when it is done well – celebrate. Enjoy your victory and strive to do another thing right and repeat. Before you know it, your day will be filled with accomplishments.


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#4 Blast from the past

You see your coworkers every day, and if things are not going well (or you are on auto-pilot with each other), you tend to feed off each other’s negative energy.

Why spend your entire lunchtime talking about work? Or complaining about a certain coworker?

When it is time for a lunch break from work, at least one of the days, try to meet up with someone from the past or someone you rarely see. Preferably someone positive and uplifting.

Taking that time away from work and rekindling a relationship of any sort can broaden your mind and bring back old memories.

Just make sure it is someone you enjoy spending time with – you do not want to bring back old problems and negativity.

#5 Take a lesson from Little Nicky

Have you ever seen the movie, Little Nicky? In it, Adam Sandler is the son of the devil. The entire film he struggles to be as evil as his brothers and feels defeated.

**Spoiler alert**

Towards the end of the movie, he learns his mom is an angel. So instead of using his evil powers, he uses ‘good’ to defeat his brothers.

**End spoiler alert**

When he uses good as his power, he says something along the lines of, “release the good” or “release the awesome.” And gestures his hands to use his powers.

Okay, it is a very silly movie, I know. But it has a deeper meaning to it – how good defeats evil. You can take that same concept and apply it at work.

Rather than complaining (evil), you can do something about it (good).

If something is bothering you, just imagine that you have the same power, lift up your hands and say, “release the good.”

It may be and sound funny (you do not have to say it out loud you can say it in your head), but it is such a light-hearted thing to do, you will feel silly and immediately feel better.

Or you can silently wish for the best to those around you that is the same thing just a bit more toned down.

If someone upsets you or annoys you, rather than getting upset, do the same thing, just wish them the best in your head and move on. You can also be positive with their requests and smile at them.

#6 Quit multitasking

Of course, some of our jobs require multitasking, but if you have a chance to focus on one thing only every once in a while do so.

Do you have a million windows open on your computer? Including email, social media and all sorts of distractors.

Just shut them off.

Even if just for a few minutes.

One thing I did to become more productive was I stopped watching and reading the news. Yes, I was a TMZ junkie.

So I deleted the TMZ app off of my phone, and other apps I did not need. This stopped the temptation to go to them.

I also stopped the newsfeed on my browsers, so I would not get distracted and spend my whole day reading news and gossip.

If anything newsworthy happens, I hear it from at least three different people. I know I do not miss much.

All these things keep the negative out of your life.

You do not have to do it forever, I can bring back my newsfeed anytime, I just chose not to (at least not yet).

I enjoy not “wasting” so much time.

Staying on task is one thing I am currently working on – I am starting to force myself to do one thing at a time for a solid 20 minutes or so. If I work longer than that, it’s incredible, I just make sure I do not work on it less than 20 minutes.

One thing that really helps me out is my concentration music. When I put on the Cognition Enhancer Extended Version for Studying Isochronic Tones, Electronic, my mind knows that I have to focus.

I have been using the shorter version of this video since 2014 when I started working towards getting my masters degree. It is my absolute favorite!  This is the video:

After a good session of focusing and accomplishing tasks – take a brief break and/or walk. Get your body moving.

#7 Release a workplace grudge

Is there someone who just drives you crazy at work?

The negative Nancy in the room?

Or maybe that someone who rubbed you the wrong way five months ago?

If you have one or a few grudges at work, try to release that grudge.

I know some people are just too intense, and it’s hard to release the grudge now, but time can help.

Start off by choosing an easy person.

Maybe that person had an off day and was mean to you. If you think they are worthy of being released from your grudge – release them! You do not need to talk to them or do anything (unless you want to).

Just stop it.

Stop the negativity you feel when you see that person. It will release you of other negativity.

I know it is hard, but as soon as you feel anger, let it go. You have the absolute right to be mad. But it is not worth it; it will just steal your energy and possibly raise your blood pressure.

Instead, breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat a few times.

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#8 Press the repeat button

Finally, your ‘mom skills’ of repeating everything over and over again comes in handy.

Be thankful and grateful all day long! Then be thankful and grateful all over again. Then repeat.

Let people at work know how grateful you are for everything. Thank everyone who does anything for you.

Most of all be honest and authentic. If that ‘thank you’ comes with a smile, then smile.

Especially if you see people in person or you are in an environment where you interact with people all day.

If saying thank you makes you feel better, keep doing it. If people seem to react to your gratefulness, keep it up.

If you feel like its just too much. Then try a silent thank you, similar to point #5.

#9 Working moms need to play 

When you get home, forget all about work and play with your kids.

If you want to complain about what happened at work because you just need to vent, do not do it and see how it feels. The point is to keep the negativity out of your house.

If your evening goes fine and you survived not complaining about work, then try it again as the week progresses.

It’s understandable that you need some sort of outlet. Try to get it out over the phone while you are in your car (not driving) before you get inside your house. Or before you leave work.

The point is, make your home positive for you and your kids. Have playful quality time with your family. Make the evenings about them.

I know, I know – you are a mom, you have chores, dinner to cook, and million things to do. If possible, have at least one night where there is no cooking or cleaning and enjoy yourselves.

It will create an excellent environment for all of you and recharge you for the next day.

It is your powerful workweek!

What you do at home in the evening matters.

Final thoughts

The secret to a powerful workweek is your attitude.

Having a great attitude makes everything come together. You focus more, get along with people better, and are more productive.

Having the right attitude is hard – but you can be on the path to getting there with these easy steps.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions can determine the outcome of your day; so do not take it lightly.

If you feel your attitude regressing to negativity – think back to these tips and make an effort to get back on track.

You can do it!

Your attitude can also affect your entire workplace environment. You have it within you, now go and have a powerful week. Who knows? It may lead to a more powerful life.

Working Mom’s Easy Guide to a Powerful Workweek
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