Celebrating Mother’s Day this year differently

This Mother’s Day is going to be a bit different for those of us who are used to spending it with our mothers and extended family. It is an additional reality check that hits us as we approach another holiday.

While many state or city “stay at home” bans are being lifted, health professionals are still urging people to stay home. Many will be celebrating Mother’s Day from afar, which means a good portion of us will not be seeing our moms this year.

Despite the different type of Mother’s Day we will have in 2020, there are many things we can do for our moms that will show our love beyond seeing them in person or taking them somewhere for the day.

I came up with some ideas on how you can enjoy Mother’s Day at home with your family and how you can celebrate if you are apart from your mom.

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Mother’s Day ideas for those apart from their mom

1. Tell mom how you feel digitally

I wrote a poem you can share with your mom if you are not going to see her this upcoming Mother’s Day. The poem is typed out below, and I have two graphics you can save to your phone and send to your mom! They have the same poem, just two different designs.

You can share the one you like most.

Send it via a phone message or email. However, your mom prefers.

Together we usually celebrate Mother’s Day

I give you a hug while the kids play

We laugh and share our love all day long

We cook dinner and listen to our favorite songs

This year it just won’t be the same

At home to protect you I must remain

I do it because I love you so much

Even though I miss your Motherly touch

Although we will be a part

You will always be in my heart

I love you, and someday we will unite

Until then I’ll hug you in my dreams at night

To save the image to your phone hold down the image for the dialogue box to show up To save the image to your computer right click and chose “Save as” to download

If you prefer something else, there are tons of digital knick-knacks you can find online to share with your mama.

2. Drop off a gift

If you are fortunate enough to live in driving distance of your mom, it would be nice to drop off a gift at her house.

Make it as personal as you can with her favorite things. Add photos to your gift or special snacks you know she loves. Make the wrapping and packaging beautiful.

3. Drive-by fun

If just dropping off a gift does not feel like enough, add in some theatrics as you drive-by. Decorate your vehicle to show from afar how much you love your mom. If you have an amp or karaoke machine, you can loudly tell her you love her or just shout it at the top of your lungs from your car.

If you have a brave family, you can do a performance for her outside. Lip-synch her to her favorite song or come up with a choreographed dance. She will appreciate anything that makes her smile.

4. Group chat with all your siblings

Arrange a time for you and your siblings to group chat with your mom. Make it a special event, include all her grandkids too.

It can be a normal chat, or you can make it fun. Surprise her by having everyone dress alike with the same hairstyle or do something nostalgic for her.

Have everyone chant “we love mom” as soon as she answers. Anything simple, cute, silly, or fun that you can plan for ahead of time will work.

5. Create a video to show her how much you love her

It can be performance-based or heartfelt. You can do things mentioned above with the drive-by like lip-synch a song or dance.

Another idea is to film you and your family as they send your mom a special message, telling her how much you all love her.

Everyone can do a little video, and you can put them all together via an app like iMovie or email them in a batch all together so she can watch them all at once.

6. Buy something online and have it delivered

The time is drawing near for Mother’s Day so if you want something delivered to her house in time for the holiday you need to buy it as soon as you can. There are plenty of options online.

Plan to buy something she can use for herself. Unless she requested something specific like for her house or garden.

A similar option is to buy her a subscription box that comes to her monthly; there are tons of options for beauty, crafts, and snacks. One option is the Allure Beauty Box – Luxury Beauty and Make Up Subscription Box

It usually contains a mix of high-quality beauty, skin, and hair types of products.

7. E-Books or E-Gift Cards

Does your mom have a Kindle or tablet of some kind? If she does, you can get her an E-Book, or you can pay for an app that she may want. There are plenty of digital products out there, so find out what your mom likes.

Or you can get her an E-Card to her favorite store or shop, and she can find something for herself online. This may be a good option if you are worried about delivery times right now.

8. Anything with your faces on it

Mugs, mousepads, calendars, socks, and blankets are all things you can customize with a photo. You can basically put your picture on anything these days.

If your mom is like any other mom out there, she will love anything you put your picture on.

9. Mail a card

Let’s say your mom is not so tech-savvy, you can always send her a thoughtful card.

Store-bought or homemade works either way.

Just getting something in the mail can cheer her up. Slide-in a few photos into the card, and she will love it. Write a heartfelt letter, and she will really love it.

10. Send her dinner

If your mom has been cooking a lot lately, another good option is to get her a gift card to a restaurant, most places have curbside pickup or delivery so she can get it easily.

Another nice thing to do is make her one of her favorite meals and take it to her. Or you can get her dinner from somewhere and drop it off at her house. This will allow her to take a break on this special day!

Mother’s Day ideas for those at home with mom (dads take notes)

1. Breakfast in bed


There is absolutely nothing better than getting to sleep-in as long as you want, and as soon as you wake up, an awesome breakfast that is ready for your to devour. Double points if you get the breakfast in bed.

**Family, if you do this or any cooking for mom, make sure to clean up the kitchen. Do not make mom clean up the mess herself.**

2. Home video screening

You know all those videos you have on your phone and computer? Well, now is a good time to watch them!

Cozy up on the sofa together as a family, use your airplay, smart TV, or projector to watch your home videos. Watch things like the birth of your child, your baby’s firsts, maybe your wedding day, and any other moments that have a significant meaning to your family.

3. Family photoshoot


Getting a family photo can be hard for most of us.  While everyone is home is a good time to take a family photo.

Have everyone bathe and get dressed up for the photo. Dust off your camera or just use your phone to take the photo. It does not have to be a professional photo, just make it good enough to preserve the memory of your special day together.

4. Bake dessert together

If you want to do something together as a family, try making a dessert or something fun from scratch. Or if you just want to make something out of the box, do cookies or cupcakes and decorate them together.

A little cooking or pastry decorating can be fun for all ages.

5. Picnic


After breakfast in bed, for lunch, you can have a picnic. If you have a nice backyard or patio, you can do it outside. If not or the weather is not favorable, you can have your picnic inside.

All you need is a comfy blanket, some food (as easy as chips and sandwiches), and your family having some laid back fun on the floor or ground.

6. Fancy dress-up dinner

If you dressed up for your family photo, then you can surely stay in those clothes and have a fancy dinner. The food does not need to be fancy; it can be what you or your family enjoys eating. But you can set the table and use your fancy dinnerware (if you have any, haha, I do not).

Or decorate your dining space to make it feel more festive.

Regardless, make every meal special in some way. Besides, it’s a full day of celebration, not just a moment.

7. Talent show for mom

Having some kid (and dad) produced content for entertainment is always a great way for moms to enjoy Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a play, poems, dancing, or stand-up comic routine, anything works.

Perhaps, your child was supposed to have a piano or dance recital this spring, reenact it.

8. At-home spa time

Spa days for moms are always great, even if you have to do them yourself. Here is a link to a post I wrote with tons of spa ideas, How to Have 7 Easy Stuck at Home Spa Days.

Self-care ideas are included to get the maximum amount of love for yourself (you deserve it).

9 Break time from kids and hubby

If and when your family asks you what you want for Mother’s Day, may I suggest asking for a nice long break time? You chose the length of time, two hours or three hours would be nice.

Just have one rule for your family, no disruptions for the allotted time.

You can take a nap, catch up on that book you’ve been trying to read for months, watch some junk food television – or just do whatever you want.

10. Clean house and personal servants

Another thing you can ask for is a clean house. You know your family will sigh when you ask for it, but hey, why not?

You can also ask them to wait on you hand and foot. Although you know, it will last for a few minutes. Try it out anyway!

Final thoughts

This year you know you will most likely be without your mom, and it may break your heart. But as you can see, there are plenty of ways to make her day special from afar. As there are plenty of ways, you and your family can make your day special at home.

We just have to get a little creative these days to keep ourselves entertained. We can’t rely on going out somewhere or for others to provide the entertainment.

That just means that we need to do things that truly come from our heart to show one another how we feel. Hopefully, this list will do just that for you!

Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all my fellow moms out there.

Enjoy Mother's Day 2020 at Home (Free Graphic for Mom)
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