How to Cope with Your Fear of Childbirth

It is absolutely normal to be nervous about labor and delivery when you are pregnant, if you are feeling this way, know you are not alone. Here are nine positively easy tips on how to overcome your fears and anxiety of giving birth. These tips center around releasing the negativity and bringing the positivity into your life.

How to Be a Successful Dad in the Delivery Room: 9 Tips

A guide to being a successful dad and husband in the delivery room during labor and while your wife gives birth. With 9 tips on how you can help during labor and be supportive. Including information on how to prepare, what to expect while at the hospital, and how to keep your wife comfortable during this difficult life changing event.

How To Easily Pamper Your Tired Body During Pregnancy

It’s extremely important to give your body self-love and to treat yourself well during your pregnancy. Here are tips on how to easily pamper your pregnant body. From getting massages to indulging on the good things in life, make your pregnancy as pleasurable and positive as possible. Love yourself!

Surviving the Workweek as a Mom: 9 Easy Things To Do

Surviving work as a mom is tough, here are 9 things to do to make it easier on you at work and home. Reduce stress by prepping your week, cutting things out and adjusting your attitude. These are super easy steps to get you on the path to surviving your workweek as a busy mom.

Working Mom’s Easy Guide to a Powerful Workweek

A positive post to help working moms have a powerful and amazing week. This guide has great tips on how to be more productive, focused, and have a great workweek overall. Includes tips on positive affirmations, releasing grudges, and being positive despite being at work. It is time to get serious about being positive!

9 Pregnancy Misconceptions & How to Conquer The Truth

Did you know being pregnant is hard? Many people do not. Learn the truth about how hard pregnancy really is and how you can deal with it. This post dives into nine pregnancy misconceptions, do not be fooled go into your pregnancy prepared! Real life experiences and advice included from real moms.

Stay at Home Dad Misconceptions & FAQ in 2019

Being a stay at home dad is not about playing video games all day and mooching off of your wife. This post dismisses misconceptions people still have about stay at home dads, such as them being lazy or unable to find a job. It also covers some stay at home dad frequently asked questions.

Most Essential Things a Newborn Baby Needs

Are you pregnant with your first and wondering what to buy your baby? These are only the most basic essential things needed to take care of a baby. Budget-friendly & practical advice on diapers, bathing, sleeping, feeding, storage, bedding etc. As a mama who spent way too much money of stuff for her baby, I do not want you to make the same mistakes I did.

Stop Comparing Your Pregnancy to Celebrities (like Meghan Markle)

Pregnancy is hard, do not make it harder by comparing your pregnancy to celebrities like Meghan Markle. Here is why you need to stop comparing and be happy you are not pregnant and in the spotlight. Celebrities do not do anything on their own, they have a team dedicated to making them look good. Plus they pay the price in different ways.

The First 15 Things to Do When You Are Pregnant & Stunned

Did you just find out you are pregnant? Not sure what to do? These are the first 15 things to do when you find out you are pregnant. Tips on who to tell and pregnancy lingo. Worrying and being nervous is normal, if you start prepping now you will have confidence when the baby arrives.

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