Why not take your baby or toddler to Las Vegas?

The hubby and I enjoy going on road trips. When we first met, not even knowing each other for a month, we planned our first road trip. We drove to Ozzfest about six hours away from home. Now that we have a toddler, we are a bit more conservative on the amount of time we spend on the road a year. However, that is changing now that our daughter is getting older and loves going out. We recently took an 11 hour-long road trip with our toddler to Las Vegas. It was pretty ambitious, even though we have taken our daughter all over Texas and the Southwest already. But Vegas is another story; it’s a city where you have to hustle. It is also a city that can overwhelm a child. So we did not know what to expect. The reason we took this trip is that my mother had never been to Vegas and wanted to do something this summer. We could not pass up a trip to Vegas, so we jumped at the opportunity to go on this road trip. Thanks, mom! Having three adults and one child on our Las Vegas trip worked out perfectly. Our daytime was spent doing toddler activities. Then in the evening one of us would stay behind in the hotel to watch the baby – while the other two went out to gamble or to check out a show – basically anything a child could not do. We had a great time and have some tips for any parents contemplating whether to take your child to Sin City. I also have a list of things to do and places to eat, starting with our most favorites. Since my daughter had me nonstop for a whole week, she took advantage and nursed at every opportunity – so I also included my nursing experience on the Las Vegas strip! THIS POST IS NOT SPONSORED IN ANY WAY! THESE ARE MY HONEST, HUMBLE OPINIONS AND EXPERIENCES…

A few do’s and don’ts of exploring in Las Vegas with a toddler

#1 Do take your stroller

Make it a compact one that you can get through crowds, not a bulky one, keep an eye out for ramps

#2 Do valet parking

It gets pricey, but after having your child out, you want to reduce walking as much as possible

#3 Do use a bellboy service when arriving and departing the hotel

This is especially important when you have extra things like diaper bags, ice chests and toys you want to take to your room

#4 Do stay out of the sun

During the summer Las Vegas is very hot, so drive to your destinations and keep your child protected from the sun

#5 Do take your family vehicle

I can’t imagine getting around Las Vegas without a car, or having to lug around a car seat everywhere we went if we took a taxi, take your vehicle to make it easier for you

#6 Do beware of stranger danger

People loved seeing our daughter having fun all over Vegas, so she got a lot of attention, I kept an eye on everyone and our surroundings

#7 Do avoid smoking

People can smoke indoors in Las Vegas, so we kept our daughter out of those environments as much as possible

#8 Do keep your phone charged

You will want to take plenty of photos so keep your phone charged, there was a time when we had a long walk, and our daughter was frustrated, allowing her to be on the phone in her stroller saved us

#9 Do not have your toddler on the casino floor

Remember anyone under 21 can walk through the casino but can’t stand next to slot machines or tables, so if you want to gamble you need to do so without your child present

#10 Do not forget the diaper bag or anything you may need in your vehicle

It is a long walk to get something from your car, everything is a walk so before you go anywhere make sure you have everything you need ***Going on a road trip with a baby or toddler? Here are some additional amazing road trip tips to get you prepared**** Surviving a Road Trip with a Baby or Toddler

Breastfeeding in Las Vegas

I have to say; I had an excellent experience breastfeeding in Las Vegas. I did not receive a single dirty look, nor was there ever a time I felt uncomfortable. At first, I was unsure how people would take me nursing on the strip because it’s such a party town and for adults, but for the most part, I do not think anyone even noticed. This may sound silly, but since women show off more skin in Vegas, my boobs did not feel out of place anywhere. Wherever I nursed, the people working were professional and courteous. My daughter wanted to nurse primarily when we went to restaurants, and when she was tired. Reason being, her nap schedule, and sleep schedule was a bit off, despite us taking plenty of breaks for her to rest. All in all, I would say Las Vegas is nursing friendly. I go into details below – if it has *boob friendly* next to the name that means I breastfed at that place for a significant amount of time and they were nice about it. ***Balancing work and life as a mom? I got you covered!*** 16 Tips for a Successful Return to Work After Maternity Leave 9 Genuine Reasons Why Women Wear Yoga Pants & Leggings (Outside the Gym) How to Cope with Your Fear of Childbirth

Working Mom’s Easy Guide to a Powerful Workweek (extra positive!)

Surviving the Workweek as a Mom 9 Easy Things to Do

Advice Every Working Pregnant Woman Must Know on How to Survive Work

Top Things to Do with a Toddler in Las Vegas

#1 The High Roller at The LINQ

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In Las Vegas @highrollervegas we were high above the strip amazing time with my baby #lasvegas #fatherdaughter

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This place was excellent, it’s a huge Ferris wheel, also known as an observation wheel. It overlooks the Las Vegas strip. It took half an hour to do the full rotation. We rode it during the daytime, although I am sure it looks beautiful at night. Our daughter loved it; she enjoyed going up and pointing at all the trees and buildings. Since it was during the day, there was not a long line or large crowd. We rode with five other people, but there was more than enough space for everyone to sit down and to get up and lookout. Kids up to a particular age ride for free, adults ride for about $25 each. You can also buy drinks and snacks before your ride. #2 Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas Casino
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Las Vegas strip from the Eiffel Tower! She loved it #parishotellasvegas #lasvegas

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We stayed at the Paris Las Vegas Casino for about three nights. On our final night there we decided to go on the Eiffel Tower viewing deck. You take a ride up an elevator (which our daughter enjoyed because you can see the outside from the elevator) to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower in Vegas is half the size of the real tower, although it’s still very high. From the top you can see all of Las Vegas. We went at night and were able to see all of the lights. There is no time limit so you can stay up there as long as you would like. The observation deck is a full circle, so you get a comprehensive view of the city. Once again, our daughter loved being high above the neon-lit city. She named all the different colors of the hotels and landmarks and was in awe the entire time.   Young kids ride for free, and if you stay at the hotel you get a discount on your tickets, we paid in total about $32 for three adults.

#3 Fall of Atlantis Show, Large Fish Tank, and Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is a beautiful hotel and very luxurious. We were unsure if it would be worth it to take our daughter there. But upon arrival, a friendly security guard happened to advise us to go see a large fish tank and the Fall of Atlantis Show. Of course, the fish tank was a hit since our daughter loves fish. That kept her happy for a very long time. Then when the Atlantis show came on, she enjoyed it as well. The show starts at the top of the hour and lasts about 10 minutes; it has some decent special effects that can keep a toddler’s attention. The show can scare your baby or toddler depending on their temperament, but ours did just fine. The shops were extremely high-end stores, so we window-shopped more than anything. For this stop, we only spent money on valet parking.

#4 Swimming at the Paris Las Vegas Casino

All the hotels on the strip have pools and recreational areas of some sort. Since we spent the most nights at the Paris hotel, we took our daughter to swim there. The pool is enormous, and it is under the Eiffel Tower. The pool was a nice break from the busy strip and all the walking. The temperature the day we went was about 102 degrees. But we stayed cool in the pool and drenched ourselves in sunblock. When you rent a hotel room, make sure to check out the pool situation.

#5 Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

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#lasvegas after feeling the #earthquake at the Flamingo Casino. Happy #4thofjuly

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The other hotel we stayed at was the Flamingo. This hotel has a beautiful wildlife habitat right outside the hotel; it has gorgeous parrots, stunning birds, and water fountains. While my daughter enjoyed seeing all the animals, her favorite part was throwing change in the fountains – not surprising for an almost-two-year-old. They enjoy the little things. The habitat is not that large, and it is a short walk. But the greenery and all the sights are beautiful. It is a great spot to take pictures. Best of all, it is another fun, free thing to do.

#6 Fountain of Bellagio/ Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

One of the most famous sites to see in Las Vegas is the fountain in front of the Bellagio. It is a water show in synch with the music. Of course, that is a paradise for a toddler; they love all things water and theatrics. My daughter was not the only toddler enjoying the sites of the fountain; many kids and adults of all ages were fascinated. The fountain show occurs every half hour during the day and every 15 minutes in the late evening. If you want a good view of the show, arrive a little early, it is a brief wait and worth it. The entire area crowds pretty bad a few minutes before show time. After you check out the fountain, you can go inside the Bellagio and visit the Botanical Garden. The garden is decorated for the season with beautiful flowers. It is the ultimate place to get a fantastic selfie, which is why it is hard to enjoy because everywhere you turn someone is trying to take a photo. At the time we were there, during the early evening, it was very crowded. Your toddler will love it, but it might be too chaotic if you go at a high traffic time like we did.

#7 Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay (and Polar Journey)

This aquarium is a great place to take your toddler, and they have all kinds of sea wildlife. Our daughter loved the sharks and every single fish. There are tons of things to look at and explore. Lots of excited pointing! The exhibits are pretty big, and the overall aquarium is worth visiting. The gift shop has a ton of cute stuffed animals and mermaid memorabilia. After the aquarium, we went to the Polar Journey exhibit, and that was not too impressive. I guess after coming out of a fantastic aquarium, we thought the Polar Journey was going to have animals. Instead, it was an interactive experience that our toddler was not interested in. School-age kids would probably enjoy it more. There was a ride at the end, but our daughter was too young to ride it (we realized it after waiting in line). The line for the ride was very long, we waited there for about half an hour and then saw there was an exit door, so we left.

#8 Hershey’s Store at New York New York

The Hershey’s Store in Las Vegas is a toddler’s dream come true. It has tons of candy, toys, and fresh treats. Our daughter somehow grabbed a huge peanut butter cup candy off the shelf and was walking around with it like it was a stuffed animal tugged underneath her arm. It was cute, but we put it back, it was too much chocolate. The fresh treats are set up like a bakery, and you can choose what you want through the glass shelves. You have your selection, from chocolate-covered strawberries to brownie cream-filled sandwiches. Visiting this store is an experience in itself, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

#9 Lake Mead

There is a vast lake, about a half-hour drive from the strip. Well, it is more than just a lake, it’s a national park. We took a quick drive out there while waiting to check into our hotel – but we could not explore much because it was such a long drive. If you do end up going, I suggest you plan your trip ahead and figure out what part of the park you want to visit. You can easily spend hours driving through the park. We ended up visiting a boat docking area and could not do much here except enjoy the view. **These are MUST-READs for dads and future dads:**

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Kid-Friendly Places to Eat

#1 Beer Park in Paris Hotel *boob friendly*

At the Beer Park, we ate dinner outside on the rooftop and had an excellent view of the strip. You can see the Bellagio Fountains from up there, and you are right in front of the Eiffel Tower. They had a live DJ there, and the environment felt perfect. The place was clean, and the service was excellent. The food was American and had some great sandwiches. I had the Grilled Chicken BLTA and shared it with my daughter, and she enjoyed the avocado the most. She also enjoyed the meat from my husband’s Smoked Prime Rib Cheesesteak. I had to hold her the whole time because there was no high chair or booster seat (or at least we were not offered one). She did get fussy after being there a while, but it was loud, so she did not disturb anyone, plus she was easily distracted. We were there when the sun was getting ready to set, and I can’t speak to the environment after the sun goes down. I did nurse her at this restaurant. There were some rocking chairs by the hostesses, so I turned one around looking toward the strip and nursed my daughter then and there. She nursed for a good 15 minutes as I enjoyed the view of the strip.

#2 Maxie’s at The LINQ

Breakfast at Maxie’s was cute and fun. The menu has some sinfully, sweet breakfast items. My daughter and I shared the cotton candy pancakes. She loved them, and I think it was one of the places where she ate the most. The top of the pancake tower had a piece of cotton candy, the inside of the pancakes had a cream cheese dip with fruit. The atmosphere was more family-friendly than other places; it was also very calm, not loud. There were high chairs available, and the booths were comfortable. I would say it is very kid-friendly.

#3 Off the Strip at the LINQ *boob friendly*

Nearby Maxie’s is another restaurant called Off the Strip. The day we went there it was pretty late at night for dinner – we napped and rested most of the evening. Despite the Las Vegas nightlife being in full swing, we felt comfortable having our daughter out at this restaurant. The food was delicious, and we enjoyed the variety of items on the menu. There was a kid’s menu that came with crayons and all. They also provided us with a high chair. It was welcoming to kids and babies. Our server was also very accommodating to our daughter. Since it was later than usual, my daughter ended up wanting to nurse. As she nursed in the dim restaurant, it proved to be the perfect storm for her to nap in (despite napping earlier). She slept in my arms for a good 20 minutes, just enough to recharge her battery. The staff was very accommodating and understanding about my breastfeeding. It proved to be a great place to eat.

#4 Sirrico’s Pizza at New York New York

If you want some yummy pizza, then drop by Sirrico’s in the New York New York hotel. The food is great and its located right next to the casino. It is not set up like a restaurant; there is just an open seating area, kind of like a food court with a New York-style to it. It is hassle-free, and the kids can be as loud as they want in that area since it is already noisy. There is also an arcade and roller coaster nearby. It is a very laid back environment if you ever grow tired of formal eating-places.

#5 Mr. Lucky’s at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino *boob friendly*

The Hard Rock Hotel is like a museum for rock music memorabilia. We took our daughter to check out all the stuff, she liked looking at it and enjoyed the rock music playing throughout the casino. However, while we were there, she got extremely fussy. So I took refuge on a sofa next to some drum sets they had on display. I nursed my daughter, and she fell asleep for a good hour. This was in the middle of the day, so the casino was not full, and nobody bothered us while she nursed and napped. Once she woke, we ate at Mr. Lucky’s, which had a great kids menu. They also had high chairs and were extra nice to our daughter. Their hospitality is what put this visit to Hard Rock over the top.

#6 Planet Hollywood at The Forum Shops Caesars Palace *boob friendly*

Another restaurant that had a great kids menu is Planet Hollywood. They had a menu to color and fun movie memorabilia that kept our daughter entertained. They also have neat smoothies for kids. We got my daughter two different kinds of smoothies, and they came in a souvenir cup with a light at the bottom. Our daughter loves drinking from straws, so all the cups you get to keep from restaurants are a little bonus. During our meal, our daughter got tired and wanted to nurse. Of course, I obliged, and once again, everyone was very professional about it. We ate there during the day, so there was not many people around, I had the right amount of privacy.

#7 Black Bear (off the strip)

As we were leaving Las Vegas, we stopped to eat at Black Bear. We do not have these in Texas where we live, so it was enjoyable to eat somewhere different. The food was great, our daughter ate off of our plates since the portions were large. They had a kid’s menu with crayons, high chairs, and of course, the coveted cup you can take home. If you are in the mood for some breakfast off the strip, this is a great place to eat.

#8 Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville at Flamingo Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

This restaurant is definitely for adults. We did not plan on taking our daughter to this restaurant, she was with her daddy, but they ended up joining us. She was only there for a brief time. No kids menu or high chairs were available (or at least were not offered). This restaurant is best suited for a date night, not a family night out. I had to hold her in my arms while sitting on a bar stool type of seat, not very comfortable.

Final thoughts

If you are ready for a getaway with your toddler, you have so many options. It does not have to be strictly a family resort for you to have fun. As you can see, there is plenty to do and see if you end up taking your toddler to Las Vegas. It just takes a little advanced planning and logistics to make it all work. Hopefully, this guide will help you out in determining what to do and how to go about it. Despite being there for almost four days, we never ran out of kids friendly things to do.
Surviving Las Vegas with a Toddler Tips: Things to Do and Places to Eat
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